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A Quick Guide to Ordering Your Invitations

  • June 6, 2017
  • By Paperpair
A Quick Guide to Ordering Your Invitations

A Quick guide to ordering your invitations

The first thing to say in this post is, of course, congratulations. Huge congratulations in fact because, if you are needing to read this, I am assuming that you are now engaged and starting to think about planning your wedding. Amazing! And there are plenty of things to plan these days. Everything from the booking the right venue to the colour of the pageboys tie, all need to be considered. This can all amount to a lot of work and effort. Which is why, sometimes, it is best to leave it the experts to get these various things sorted, and sorted properly.

When it comes to your wedding invitations, there are no exceptions. You want them to do exactly what you expect them to do. You want them to look perfect, feel great and to have all the relevant information that will let your guest know where, how and when you are getting married. The latter is of course the most important part of the invitation…isn’t it? When!!!

So (following on nicely) when do you need to start planning your invitations? There are many questions you can ask yourself for this. When do you need to send them? Do I need to know what we are having for our wedding breakfast? What should I write in the information section? And so on! The first and most important element to your invitation is the date. This is the date of the big day! Once you know this, we can work backwards to find out when you need to start organising them. It is then a good idea to work back to the second main element of the invitation which is the RSVP. This allows you to know who can actually make it to your wedding (everyone hopefully!). If you had 100 guests saying they could all make it (woo!) but you only knew the final numbers a week before the wedding, there would be a lot of last minute organising to do (panic!). Therefore, we recommend working on an rsvp date of around 3 months before the wedding day. The earlier the better as you will then have plenty of time to finalise the seating arrangements, the food and drink and then how many table decorations you will need, and so on. You will then need to think about how long after you have sent all the invitations do you want them to reply to the rsvp. Our advice here is don’t leave it too long. Life is one big mix of two types of people. Those who love getting things done when fresh and those who just put it off until the very last minute. Our advice is don’t give them a choice of putting it off and give an rsvp window of about 6 weeks after the invitations have been sent. That way, all your guests will reply within that time and you will soon have that golden number to put to start finalising the big day’s proceedings.

We now have a timeframe for when to send them. For example, if your wedding is the 1st August, work back 3 months, and you get to the 1st May which is the now the deadline for the rsvp being returned. Work back six weeks from then and we get to mid-April. This is now the date of when you should post all your invitations for a wedding at the beginning of August. However, this is simply a recommended guide to when to post them. If you are worried that your guests may be thinking of booking that date for a holiday, or you are simply worried about other wedding clashing with yours (this does happen!) then you can post them a lot further in advance to be on the safe side.

We also know now when to post them. But what about ordering them? At Paperpair, we always ensure that the time from buying your invites to the time you receive them to be no longer than 30 days. It can also normally take a few weeks to have them all written, addressed and stamped so we would recommend ordering them at least 6 weeks prior to sending them. Going back to the example, this would give our August wedding an ordering time of around the beginning of March.

The second big question is what do I order? At Paperpair we offer a variety of items to include in your invitations across all every ranges. Items such as rsvp, information card, map, envelopes liners and envelope seals can all be ordered to create your perfect wedding invitation. The most important is the invitation itself and the rsvp. These are the items that say the most. The invitation lets your guest know when and where along with any dress code details and carriage times for the end of the celebrations. The rsvp allows them to formally tell you if they can or can’t make it – simple! It is now very common to include an information card. These are perfect for that bit of extra information that will not squeeze on to the invitations. Areas such as the venue parking, travel information, accommodations and – clearly the most important section – wedding gifts. A map is a really nice way to show the church or wedding venue on a clearly ladled map, styled to the theme of the invitation. There is something calming about having a printed map on your person to help keep you on target for the wedding venue, in case the phone signal decides to cut out! Envelope liners, belly bands and rsvp address label all help create a luxury feel to your wedding invite.

All ranges have a design template which is sent after placing an order. These will help you see exactly how the chosen design is worded. They also offer a great example for the information card so that you fill in your information and know it will fit into the design well. Proofs are always sent before the invitations are printed so you can make any small changes to the wording etc. Paperpair is always here to help you with your invitations. Any questions or problems you may have, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

I hope you have found this useful. As mentioned in the begging of this post, experts are there to help as we all have our particular experience when it comes to a wedding. They are a wonderful time of a couple’s life and are there to be enjoyed from the very beginning. We want to make sure that you can by replacing the pain of planning with the pleasure of knowing it is all going to work out perfectly!

Congratulations again and happy planning! Oh…and don’t forget to say Hi!

If you have any questions please do get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your own wedding invitations.

By Paperpair, June 6, 2017
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